Anomor Hacker Tool [Hack Facebook in 3 Simple Steps]

Since the beginning of 2021 many people from around the globe saying Z Shadow is not working for them. If same is the case with you then we bring you the alternative of Z Shadow hacker which is Anomor.

Anomor is just like Z Shadow, a web based tool that you can use to hack famous social media network accounts. We are listing few of them below:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • And more

Anomor Hacker Tool [Hack Facebook in 3 Simple Steps]

Anomor Hacker Tool Best Alternative of Z Shadow

Just like we completely covered all the details of ZShadow, we are going to share a detailed information and a step by step guide for using Anomor hacker tool.

This online tool create phishing pages just like Shadowave and Z Shadow and you have to share its link with the targeted person. In this way you will easily get is account credentials i.e., username and password.

Using Anomor hacking requires three simple steps; sign-up, generate a phishing link, and send it to the victim. This method doesn’t require any skill and you can hack facebook and Instagram account without coding.

Step by Step Guide to Use Anomor Hack for Facebook

Follow the below given steps exactly as they are stated to perform the hacking successfully.

NOTE: Install Google translate extension before starting the procedure.

Step 1: Open the web browser (Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome) on your phone/laptop.

Step 2: Visit Anomor official website which is anomor2 .com

Step 3: Click on the Anomor Sign Up button in red, given right in the middle of the page. Check below screenshot:

Step 4: Now fill the required information with real information: Username, Password, Email, Age, and Country. Click on the Sign Up button to complete the process.

Step 5: You will receive a confirmation email to verify you are a real person.

The above listed steps are mandatory to gain access to the phishing links and to store hacked account information in your dashboard.

Once you gain access to the phishing URLs, copy one of the links mentioned in front of the social media service and send it to the person whose username and password you want to hack.

When the victim will click on the received link his ID and password information will be automatically stored in your Anomor My Victims. Every time you want to access his/her account you can do it from Victims tab.

It is recommended that you don’t change the password because your victim will be notified and he will change the credentials again resulting in you won’t be able to use the account again.

How to Send Anomor Link to Victim

It is difficult to trap someone and make him/her to click a suspicious link. Here are some tips to share Anomor facebook hack link:

  • Don’t send the link to more than one person because this will alert the Facebook officials and they may block the link.
  • Type a message like win unlimited PUBG UCs, get free access to Netflix, etc.

This sounds like a natural and nowadays many people are interested in such things and they will click it for sure.

Anomor Hacker App

Right now Anomor is available only online and the development of Anomor hacking app for Android and iOS is in progress. The developers have promised to release the application any time soon. Stay tuned and keep visitin ZShadow.Info to get the Anomor APK file.

Is Anomor Hack Safe?

No, Anomor is not a secure platform. It is highly recommended not to share your important information like your credit/debit card details, personal phone number, email ID etc. on this website.

Create a separate Gmail account for Anomor and perform all the steps in the private window of your web browser.

Is Anomor Hacking Legal?

Anomor hacking is not legal. We have created this guide just for the sake of educating people. It is advised to use Anomor tool just for the sake of fun and not to harm any individual. If any person is being harmed or harassed using this platform you may face legal action.


For some one who is looking for the z shadow alternative, Anomor is the best tool. Create an account on this platform and send the link to the person in his/her inbox or share it through whatsapp. When the link will be clicked you will get all desired information in your Anomor account.

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