How To Charge Oura Ring Without Charger? Is It Possible?

The Oura ring is a unique wearable device that tracks health metrics. Like any gadget, it needs the power to function. The Oura ring has a rechargeable battery that uses a proprietary docking station to charge.

The problem arises when the Oura ring charging dock gets damaged, misplaced, or stops working due to technical issues. Now in this situation, one must be wondering, can I charge my Oura ring without a charger? Is it really possible?

Let’s find out if there is any possibility of wirelessly charging Oura ring. You may also like to check out how to fix Oura ring not connecting and does Oura Ring track calories.

How To Charge Oura Ring Without Charger? Is It Possible?

Oura Ring Charger or Charging Dock Station

No, you cannot charge Oura Ring without charger. Like other smart gadgets, Oura fitness ring also has a charging dock station to charge it. If it is dead, you won’t be able to charge your Oura Ring. To get rid of this problem, you need to buy an Oura replacement charger.

How To Charge Oura Smart Ring

How To Charge Oura Ring

Now it is established that Oura health and fitness ring cannot be charged without a charger. You can buy an Oura ring charger from HERE. After getting a replacement Oura ring charger set, follow these steps to charge your ring:

  • Plug the charging cable into a USB power source. You can use a wall adapter, computer, or portable power bank. 
  • Place your Oura ring flat on top of the charging dock, with the inner part of the ring touching the dock surface. The ring should magnetically snap into place.
  • Leave your ring on the charger for at least an hour, up to overnight. The ring’s LED light will display a pulsing pattern when charging is underway.
  • When charging is complete, the light will turn off. You can then remove your ring from the dock. It’s now fully charged and ready to get back to fitness tracking!

Things To Consider While Charging Your Oura Ring

  • Here are some tips for seamlessly charging your Oura ring:
  • Try to charge overnight while you sleep. It lets you wake up to a fully charged ring. 
  • Don’t charge for longer than 12 hours. Overcharging can damage the battery.
  • Check the ring’s charge level in the Oura app. It helps avoid suddenly running out of power.
  • If the ring is getting low, do a quick 1-hour midday charge session.
  • Keep the charging dock somewhere handy, like your nightstand, for regular overnight charging.

How To Protect Oura Charger From Damaging 

To keep your Oura ring charger safe and functional, you must follow these tips:

  • Keep the charger dock away from moisture and extreme temperatures.
  • Be gentle when placing your ring onto the dock and removing it.
  • Don’t jam the ring forcibly onto the dock. Let the magnets pull it into alignment.
  • Store the charging dock somewhere clean and dry when not in use.
  • Consider purchasing a protective case for the charging dock.
  • If your charger is damaged, contact Oura support about a replacement.

Is There Any Alternative for Oura Ring Charger?

The short answer is no – there is no alternative to the proprietary Oura ring charger. Because of the ring’s unique design, other chargers will not align and charge it properly. Oura states that only its own official charger can charge the ring. Attempting makeshift charging solutions is not recommended, as they may fail to charge the ring or even damage the device. For reliable charging, use the Oura dock.

Can You Use Other Dock Chargers To Charge Our Ring?

Again, it’s not recommended to use anything but the official Oura ring charging dock. The ring has a specific inductive charging system that only properly aligns with its own dock. While other wireless chargers may seem similar, they will be incompatible with an Oura ring. And attempting to rig a connection could damage the ring by overheating it or delivering incorrect voltage. For hassle-free Oura charging, invest in the right Oura-branded charging accessories.


How long does the Oura Ring take to charge?

The Oura ring takes about 1-2 hours to fully charge from 0% to 100%. However, even charging for 20-30 minutes can provide enough backup to get through a full day of use. Oura recommends charging for at least an hour or overnight while you sleep for the best results.

Can I use my phone charger to charge the Oura Ring?

No, you should not use a phone charger or other generic USB charger to charge your Oura ring. The ring is designed for use only with the proprietary Oura charger to align properly with the inductive charging system. Using any other charger risks improper charging or even damaging the ring.

Does the Oura Ring have wireless charging?

Yes, the Oura ring uses wireless inductive charging, but only when placed on its own official Oura charging dock. The internal coils must align precisely with the charger for power transfer. So wireless charging only works when using the Oura branded dock.

How Many years does the Oura Ring battery last?

Oura states that the ring’s battery will last approx. 4-5 years with regular use and charging before needing to be replaced. Proper charging habits can maximize the battery’s lifespan.

How do I fix my Oura Ring charger?

If your Oura ring charger is damaged or not working, contact Oura customer support about options. They may be able to provide troubleshooting tips or arrange a replacement charger if needed. Do not attempt DIY repairs on the charger.

Can I charge my Oura Ring using any USB-C cable?

No, the Oura ring does not charge from a direct USB-C cable connection. The ring requires the Oura proprietary wireless charging dock to charge properly.

Is it safe to use my smartphone charger to charge the ring?

No, do not use a smartphone charger, power bank, or any non-Oura charger to charge the ring. Only the Oura charging dock is proven safe and effective at charging the ring as designed.

Can I wear my Oura Ring while it charges?

It is not recommended to wear the Oura ring while it is charging. For proper charging, the ring should be stationary and undisturbed while on the charging dock. Wearing it can disrupt the charging process.


Keeping your Oura ring charged is crucial for its operation. While the process is straightforward, it does require Oura’s proprietary charger. Treat the charger with care, keep it in a safe place, and replace it if needed. With a functioning Oura charging dock, you can conveniently power up your ring overnight and keep up with your health metrics. So stay on top of charging your Oura, and it will stay on top of tracking your well-being!