Does Oura Ring Track Blood Pressure? Is It Accurate?

Blood pressure is one of the most important health metrics to keep an eye on. But traditional blood pressure monitoring can be cumbersome, requiring bulky cuffs and inconvenient doctor visits. This has sparked interest in wearable devices that promise easy, convenient blood pressure tracking. One popular wearable, the Oura Ring, tracks the number of health signals – so could it also estimate your blood pressure? Let’s take a closer look.

The Oura Ring has definitely made a splash as a health wearable. Worn on the finger, the gadget sensors monitor your heart rate, temperature, movement and more. But can it also measure and track blood pressure? Let’s find out if this capability exists in the Oura Ring. Also, find out does Oura Ring tracks calories.

Key Takeaways

  • The Oura Ring does not currently have sensors that directly measure or estimate blood pressure.
  • Wearable blood pressure tracking technology remains limited in accuracy compared to medical devices.
  • Advancements in sensors and algorithms could eventually enable the Oura Ring and other wearables to track blood pressure more accurately.

Does Oura Ring Track Blood Pressure? Is It Accurate?

No, the currently available models of the Oura ring cannot track blood pressure. If you want to monitor your BP, I suggest investing in a digital blood pressure monitor instead of relying on smart rings and watches.

Current Capabilities Of Oura Ring

The Oura mobile app syncs with the ring to display daily health metrics and trends over time. Current capabilities of the Oura fitness ring include the following:

  • Step Count
  • Burnt Calories
  • Daytime / Workout Heart Rate
  • Activity Levels
  • Training / Workout Frequency
  • Sleep Duration / Number of Naps

However, blood pressure tracking is not one of its current capabilities. The ring lacks the specific sensors and cuff required for blood pressure measurement.

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Why There Is No BP Monitoring In Oura Ring

Despite tracking other cardiovascular signals, the Oura health tracking ring cannot determine or estimate blood pressure. Oura’s CEO and medical experts confirm the ring does not have this technical capability. While heart rate variability and respiration rate relate to blood pressure, they are insufficient for accurate blood pressure estimates.

Challenges for Wearable Blood Pressure Tracking

Most wearables today, including the Oura Ring, cannot reliably track blood pressure. They lack the cuff and methodology that medical blood pressure monitors utilize. Estimating blood pressure indirectly through other signals remains inaccurate based on current research. In this regard, further development and rigorous testing is required.

Promising Advances in Wearable BP Tech

Progress is being made on new wearable blood pressure monitoring approaches, like using ECG sensors and pulse wave analysis. These show potential for convenient, accessible tracking. However, existing products still cannot match medical device accuracy. Extensive clinical validation is needed.

Should You Rely on the Oura Ring for Blood Pressure Insights?

In short, no – the Oura Ring cannot currently determine or estimate blood pressure. Consumers should be wary of accuracy claims from any wearable without extensive clinical testing and approval. For managing high blood pressure, consult your physician for appropriate monitoring strategies.

Future Potential for Blood Pressure Tracking in Oura

Could the Oura Ring gain blood pressure-tracking abilities someday? Possibly, with significant advances in sensor technology and algorithms. Direct blood pressure measurement would require major hardware changes. Oura may integrate these innovations in a future product but not its current model.


Is there a ring that tracks blood pressure?

Currently, there is no ring on the market that can accurately track or measure blood pressure. While some companies claim their rings can estimate blood pressure, none have extensive clinical validation. The technology is still in development.

How do you check blood pressure on Oura ring?

The Oura Ring does not have the capability to measure or display blood pressure. It lacks the sensors and cuff required to determine blood pressure. The ring tracks other health metrics like heart rate but cannot provide blood pressure information.

Are there any alternatives to Oura Ring for blood pressure tracking?

Some emerging consumer wearable devices claim to estimate blood pressure through approximating methods. However, none have been rigorously validated for accuracy compared to medical devices. Talk to your doctor about clinically approved blood pressure monitors.

Final Words

While the Oura Ring provides valuable health data, blood pressure tracking is beyond its current capabilities. Accuracy challenges remain for wearable blood pressure monitoring overall. But future wearable devices may eventually have improved capabilities.