Does Oura Ring Work With Fitbit? [2023]

Since Oura Ring is so handy you barely notice wearing it, this smart ring has become a favorite among fitness freaks who want 24/7 activity tracking. But many folks also wonder if you can use the Oura Ring alongside your Fitbit tracker.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the compatibility between Oura and Fitbit, the best apps to use with Oura, and how the Oura Ring stacks up against Fitbit. So, without further ado, let’s get started. You may be interested in learning does oura ring track steps and can you charge Oura ring without charger.

Does Oura Ring Work With Fitbit

No, the Oura Ring does not directly sync with Fitbit devices or the Fitbit app. The Oura Ring uses its official app for data tracking. Similarly, Fitbit trackers sync to the Fitbit app.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use both devices together. A few workarounds allow you to integrate data from your Oura Ring into the Fitbit ecosystem. Many users wear an Oura Ring and a Fitbit tracker to get the benefits of both. The key is finding an app or service that can pull data from Oura and push it to Fitbit.

Apps That Work Best With Oura Ring

Here are some apps that you can sync with Oura fitness tracking ring to get important health metrics:

Google Fit

The Oura app’s direct integration with Google Fit allows activity levels tracked by Oura to port over to Google Fit. Your sleep statistics like bedtime, time asleep, and sleep stages also sync from Oura to Google Fit.

Samsung Health

Oura smart ring seamlessly feeds sleep and activity data into Samsung’s health ecosystem via the apps’ integration. Samsung Health then shares the data to your Fitbit account.


This aggregator app brings together data from Oura, Fitbit, and other sources to generate insights and correlations across your health metrics. It can track how Oura data, like sleep, correlates to Fitbit activity.


This calorie, nutrient, and activity tracker syncs key Oura stats like sleep duration, steps, and heart rate data to provide a comprehensive picture of your health. Cronometer app uses the integrated data to calculate daily calorie balances.


This powerful syncing app enables a seamless two-way integration between Oura and Fitbit. It matches up equivalent data points from each platform and syncs them. FitnessSyncer also works with over 100 other health and fitness apps.

Health Sync

With bidirectional syncing, Health Sync keeps Oura and Fitbit’s activity, sleep, heart rate, and other common data in tandem. This allows Fitbit to access Oura’s holistic sleep staging data.

HRV4 Training

Oura’s daily heart rate variability measurements are used by this app to recommend optimal workout routines and monitor training load and recovery. HRV4 Training integrates this with Fitbit activity data.


In addition to syncing Oura sleep data to Fitbit, iHealth connects with Fitbit’s SmartScale to give Oura users granular weight and body composition data within the Oura app.

Wattson Blue: This sleep coaching app uses the sleep scores and data from Oura to generate personalized recommendations for better rest. Wattson Blue syncs the recommendations and sleep data over to the Fitbit app.

Is An Oura Ring Better Than A Fitbit

When it comes to Oura vs. Fitbit, there are pros and cons to both platforms. Here are some key factors to consider:

  • The Oura Ring specializes in three metrics – sleep, activity, and readiness – while Fitbits track a wider range of health and wellness data.
  • Oura provides more holistic insights by combining different data points into overall scores. Fitbit metrics are more discrete.
  • Oura’s form factor as a ring is more low-profile and comfortable for 24/7 wear for some users. Fitbits are better for quick glances at stats during workouts.
  • Oura packs advanced sensors like temperature tracking into a small ring. Fitbit’s wearables allow for features like GPS, altimeter, and smartwatch notifications.
  • Oura has a longer battery life, only needing to be charged every 4-7 days. Fitbits typically last around 5 days before recharging.
  • Fitbit has added sleep tracking features to be on par with Oura’s popular sleep analysis. Oura still seems to have an edge in sleep accuracy.

So which is better? It depends on your specific needs and preferences around design, features, and analytics. For some, Oura’s insights justify the $299 price tag over more affordable Fitbits.

Which Ring Is Compatible With Fitbit

While the Oura Ring is the most full-featured sleep and health tracking ring currently compatible with Fitbit, there are a couple other ring options worth considering:

  • Circular Ring: This health tracker ring offers activity and sleep tracking. Data can be synced from the Circular app to Fitbit using a middleware service. It retails for $199.
  • Motiv Ring: Motiv provides metrics for activity, sleep, and heart rate. Its app integrates with Fitbit to share daily fitness and sleep data. The Motiv Ring sells for $199.
  • Wellness Ring: More focused on tracking workout data, this ring syncs with Fitbit to share heart rate and activity data primarily captured during exercise. It costs $219.

While Oura, Circular, and Motiv support two-way syncing for a more seamless Fitbit experience, the WellnessFX Ring only pushes data one way. Oura remains the most full-featured biometric ring compatible with Fitbit.

Is There A Better Alternative To Oura Ring

For those looking for a wearable alternative to Oura that integrates with the Fitbit app, here are some options worth considering:

  • Fitbit Sense: Fitbit’s most advanced health-focused smartwatch has sensors capable of tracking metrics like EDA for stress and skin temperature. It naturally works with the Fitbit app.
  • Garmin Vivosmart 5: Garmin’s fitness band can do continuous heart rate monitoring and blood oxygen tracking in addition to the typical sleep and activity data. Syncs to Fitbit via third-party apps. 
  • Apple Watch: Especially the latest Series 7 model with blood oxygen sensing and advanced sleep tracking capabilities. Sync Apple Health data to Fitbit.
  • Whoop Strap 3.0: Focused on athletic recovery, it provides comprehensive sleep and strain data. Sync via third-party solutions.
  • Amazfit Bip U Pro: Affordable fitness smartwatch with SpO2, heart rate, sleep, and activity tracking. Can connect to Fitbit through the Amazfit app.

For those partial to ring form factors, Motiv and Circular provide the closest alternatives to Oura’s feature set while maintaining Fitbit compatibility. But Oura still has the edge in holistic health insights.

Final Words

While the Oura Ring doesn’t natively integrate with Fitbit devices and the Fitbit app, third-party solutions allow you to sync Oura data to Fitbit to get the benefits of both platforms. Oura’s comprehensive sleep tracking, activity analysis, and readiness scores pair well with Fitbit’s wider range of health metrics. For those looking for an alternative fitness tracker or smartwatch that works directly with Fitbit, devices from Apple, Garmin, Fitbit itself, and others provide options. But the Oura Ring is still the most advanced health tracking ring compatible with Fitbit via apps like HRV Fit and HealthSync.