How to Install Play Store Apps on Android TV from Phone

Follow this simple guide to install play store apps on Android TV from phone. With this method you will enjoy your favorite apps on TV.

Android TV is characteristically a smart TV that runs on the operating system of android. It provides you with an opportunity to use a vast library of similar apps that you have been using on Android phones with the support of the Google Play Store. But the catch is that these apps are optimized for Android TV, so you can’t find many apps on Android TV’s Google Play Store.

You will have to sideload them from your phone to your streaming device by using multiple methods. Sideloaded apps would then be used on Android TV but not in optimized mode. You can also enjoy TikTok on Android TV by following this guide.

How to Install Play Store Apps on Android TV from Phone

Initial Step: Installing APK File in Your Android Phone

All these methods of installing files from android require you to download the app in APK file format.

There are multiple APK sites from where you can download your desired app in APK file format. But always choose a reliable APK site such as or, which takes care of security concerns and only upload scanned and malware-free APK to their sites.

Once you have downloaded the APK file, you can transfer it using

  • A cloud-based app such as Google Drive
  • “Send file to TV” app
  • Flash Drive

Using Google Drive

  • Upload the APK file in your Google drive.
  • Open any file explorer in your Android TV that has Cloud support.
  • Click on the “Add Cloud” option.
  • Log in to your same Google Account in which you have downloaded the APK file.
  • After you locate the file, click on the install button.
  • If you can’t download the file, allow installation of apps from sources other than the Google Play Store. You can find this option in Android TV settings.
  • After the installation process, you can enjoy the app on your Android TV.
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Using the “Send Files to TV” app

Both your phone and Android TV needs to have this easy to use app named “Send files to TV” installed.

After downloading it, make sure that you are connected to the same wi-fi network.

  • Open the app on both your mobile and android TV.
  • Select the “Receive” option on the TV and send option on the android phone.
  • Now, locate the “APK” file you have downloaded and want to transfer it to your TV.
  • Now, select the file and select the device (your android TV) and start the transfer.
  • You can check the progress of the transfer on both your mobile and TV.

Now, you can use the file manager app on your Android TV to complete the installation.

If you don’t have a file manager, you can install it from Google Play.

  • Locate the file in your internal storage or downloads.
  • Select and hit the “install” button.
  • Enjoy the app on your Android TV after the installation is complete.

Using Flash Drive

Another method to transfer the file from your android to TV is to use the flash drive.

Many android phones have USB-C ports. If you don’t have a USB-C flash drive, you can use the USB-C adapter cable to attach the flash drive to your android phone.

  • After attaching the USB to the android, you can copy and paste the APK file into your flash drive.
  • Remove it from the android and plug it in the android TV.
  • The message will pop up, allowing you to access the USB.
  • You can access the USB contents from file explorer.
  • Now, select the APK file of the app and click “install.”
  • Voila! The app is up and ready for use.

Extracting APK file from Existing Apps of Android Phone

Sometimes you don’t trust the APK sites to download android apps, or you already have the app you want to use on the TV installed on your mobile phone. In that case, you can extract the file using “APK extractor.”

  • Go to the Google Play store on the phone and find the APK extractor and install it.
  • Open the “APK extractor’ and select the app you want to extract.
  • The extracted file will be saved in the SD card’s folder “Extracted APKs.”

Now, you can use any of the methods mentioned above to transfer the APK file to your Android TV.

Is Sideloading Apps on Android TV Safe?

Sideloading apps on Android TV entails moving APK files between two devices. The APK file, which is not available on Google Play Store, can be a risk as any suspicious malware lurking in the APK file could infect your device and steal the data.

That’s why we don’t recommend you to download APK from an unknown repository.

It’s the reason installing from “unknown sources” is toggled off by default, and you will have to give permission to install apps from “unknown source manually.”

What Should You Do After the APK File Installation on Android TV?

After you have installed the APK file on your Android TV and the app is fully functional, delete the APKfile to clear the space on the streaming device and from your android phone too. And if you don’t want to instal any other app, go back to the setting to toggle off the option for downloading from unknown sources to protect your device from malicious installations.

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