Oura Ring Not Connecting? [Try This Instant Fix]

So you just got your shiny new Oura smart ring, eager to start reaping the benefits of 24/7 health tracking. You download the Oura app to set up your ring, and the Oura ring is not connecting.

Uh oh.

Don’t worry. This is a pretty common issue with wearables. I found there are multiple causes of this issue, and after detailed research, I have compiled all the troubleshooting methods in one place. I hope one of these solutions will help you to get rid of the connectivity problem on Oura ring. You may also like to know is Oura ring waterproof and does Oura ring track calories.

Key Takeaways

  • Update the Oura app and firmware to prevent disrupting connectivity.
  • Reset Bluetooth connections by unpairing and re-pairing.
  • Factory reset the Oura ring wipe corrupt data, and restore original settings.

Causes Of Oura Ring Not Pairing To Your Phone

Before jumping into solutions, it helps to understand just why these wireless connectivity problems happen in the first place. Oura rings use Bluetooth to transmit data between the ring and your smartphone. This makes the connection dependent on steady Bluetooth communication.  

So if the Bluetooth connection drops or gets disrupted for any reason, it can block data transfer between devices. Things like buggy firmware, low ring battery, interference from other devices, and more can all cause syncing issues. The communication breakdown results in Oura connection errors and sync failures.

There are ways to reset and restore the vital Bluetooth link between your Oura and phone when things stop syncing properly.

Oura Ring Not Connecting? [Do This Instant Fix]

Here are some quick ways to fix Oura Ring not connecting to the app or phone. Let’s walk through how to troubleshoot some of the most common Oura connection issues.

Update the Oura App and Firmware

Update the Oura App and Firmware

This may sound obvious, but make sure the Oura app on your Android phone or iPhone is up to date. The developers constantly release smart ring app updates to fix bugs and optimize performance. Here are the steps to update the Oura application:

  • Go into your phone’s app store and check for an Oura app update.
  • Download and install it, then try re-connecting your ring.
  • While you’re at it, check the ring’s firmware version in the Device Info section of the app.
  • If firmware updates are available, get those installed on your ring too.
  • New firmware can improve connectivity by enhancing the Bluetooth connection between your ring and phone. Staying current on the latest firmware is critical for keeping things running smoothly.

Reset Bluetooth and Re-pair Oura Ring

Reset Bluetooth and Re-pair Oura Ring

If your Oura app and firmware updates didn’t fix the connectivity issue, try resetting the Bluetooth connection between the phone and your ring next.

  • Open your smartphone’s Settings app and selecting Bluetooth.
  • Find your Oura ring in the list of paired devices. Tap “Forget This Device” to delete your phone’s existing connection.
  • While you have Bluetooth Settings open, verify Bluetooth is turned on in your phone – an obvious thing to check but easy to forget after unpairing!
  • Next, power cycle your Oura ring by placing it on the charging dock for 10-15 seconds until the lights flash. This refreshes your ring’s Bluetooth connection.
  • Finally, go back to the Oura app and re-pair your phone with your smart ring. Resetting the Bluetooth connection fixes the syncing issues.

Resetting Oura Smart Ring To Factory Settings

Resetting Oura Ring To Factory Settings

Still no luck?

It is time to factory reset Oura ring to default settings. This will erase any glitches in the ring’s software that are preventing the ring from connecting with your phone. Here is how to do it:

Locate the tiny reset button on the bottom of your Oura ring. Press and hold it for about 10 seconds until the ring lights flash.

After resetting your ring, you’ll need to uninstall and reinstall the Oura app. Next, set up your ring in the Oura app just like new again. While resetting to factory settings takes some time, it often resolves even the most stubborn connectivity issues.

Contact Oura Customer Support

If all the above-mentioned method fails in establishing a connection or the Oura ring not showing data on your phone, reach out to Oura’s customer support team. Provide details like your phone model, Oura app version, firmware, and any error messages you see. Their experts can diagnose the issue and recommend specialized solutions tailored to your situation to finally resolve stubborn wireless problems.

Final Words

In summary, issues with Oura rings failing to connect or sync to phones are usually easily solvable. Focus on the basics like app and firmware updates, Bluetooth resets, and factory resets. For tricky connection bugs, tap into Oura’s seasoned customer support team. With some simple troubleshooting, you’ll get your Oura ring linked up and working properly again. Consistent firmware and software updates help avoid connectivity issues in the future. Don’t give up on your Oura ring just yet! With the right fixes, you’ll have it connecting smoothly.