How to Record Whatsapp Calls on Android [Audio & Video]

Want to record Whatspp audio or video call? Here are some of the easiest methods to record Whatsapp calls on Android phone.

Oftentimes, recording audio calls on Whatsapp becomes a pressing need. We human beings tend to forget the tiny details with each passing moment, and if the conversation has happened over call, you don’t even have a tracking record where you could go back and confirm by reading the conversation.

The recording also becomes important when you don’t want to miss the microscopic details, especially if it’s an instruction call from your client, any interview you are conducting, or a lecture of some sort.

Whatsapp doesn’t allow you to record calls with the app itself. But with a few easy steps and techniques, you can record incoming and outgoing audio calls. You may also like to check how to run TikTok on Google and Android TV.

How to Record Whatsapp Calls on Android [Audio & Video]

Before recording audio calls, a word of caution is that it may not be legal to record the call, so you can’t use it as evidence against someone. And ethically, you should ask permission before recording any audio call.

There are two ways of recording audio Whatsapp calls.

  • Without using any app
  • By using third-party apps

Downloading Whatsapp Calls Without Using any App

Method 1: Using Social Turbo Option

Tecno and Infinix mobiles have the “Social Turbo” option. It’s a powerful Whatsapp assistant that enhances your Whatsapp experience by letting you download Whatsapp audio calls without hassle.

  • Enable the Social Turbo option by going into mobile settings.
  • Now, open Whatsapp, and call anyone.
  • You will see an option of recording. Touch the button to start call recording.
  • Stop recording by touching the same option again in the middle of the call or after the call ends.

Method 2: Using Built-in Voice Recording App

Most android phones have a built-in voice recording app that you can use to record Whatsapp voice calls.

  • First, go to your Whatsapp and start the call.
  • Now, if your mobile allows multitasking, you can navigate to the voice recorder without dropping the call.
  • Press the “record” button to start recording the call.
  • But you will have to use the speakerphone so the recording app can capture the other side’s voice too.
  • The catch is that the recorded sound wouldn’t be as clear as you would wish it to be. For better audio quality, you can download third-party apps to record Whatsapp audio calls.

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Downloading Whatsapp Calls By Installing Third-Party App

Method 1: Google’s Recorder App

Google's Recorder App Record watsapp callsIf your mobile doesn’t have a built-in voice recording app, you can download Google’s Recorder app from Google Play.

  • Go to Google Play Store and search Google’s Recorder App.
  • It’s one of the most useful apps to record interviews, business meetings, and lectures. Initiate your Whatsapp and start the call.
  • Go to Google’s Recorder app to start the recording. Again, you will need to use a microphone to record the call.
  • This app not only records the voice but also transcribes it in an instant.
  • You can also search the audio by using text words spoken during the recording to listen to that particular part and edit it. You can also share the audio.
  • Editing is also very simple as you can edit the audio by making changes in the text. Delete the text you don’t want to save in the audio during editing.

Note: This app can’t be used for versions older than Android 9 pie.


Method 2: Record Whatsapp Calls

Record Whatsapp Calls Record watsapp calls

  • Go to Google Play Store and search “Record Whatsapp Calls,” and install it.
  • Accept all terms and agreements. Now, give the app permission for network access, storage, record audio, and access contacts for moving forward.
  • Next, the app will require accessibility for the service. For that, go to settings, select accessibility, scroll down and choose record Whatsapp call and toggle on the option to enable the Whatsapp call recording.
  • Now, the app will prompt you to turn on the notification service.
  • The app also allows you to download the Whatsapp call recording on Cloud services such as Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • After completing the whole setup process, you can use the app and relisten the audio call.


Method 3: Cube Call Recorder

Cube Call Recorder Record watsapp calls

  • Another app to record Whatsapp calls is the Cube Call Recorder.
  • Install it from Google Play.
  • You will see a “welcome” interface. Click “next” on it.
  • Grant permissions to make calls and access necessary info to run the app by clicking “Allow.”
  • Next, click on “enable app connector.”
  • It will take you to the accessibility feature of the android setting.
  • Click on the Cube ACR app connector, enable its accessibility and click on “allow” for giving it access and permission to perform the service.
  • The app will prompt you to add the app to Autostart to prevent the app from shutting down without recording the call.
  • The app will then ask you to disable battery optimization. Don’t be intimidated by the setting process. The whole process is self-explanatory, and the app itself will guide you through all steps.
  • Now, you are all set to use the app, and the calls will be recorded.
  • The app also has amazing features such as cloud backup option, “shake” the phone to mark the most important moment of the conversation, auto-removing all recording, stealth mode to hide the widget, and pin-lock enabling to keep the Whatsapp audio safe from prying people.


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Recording Whatsapp Video Calls

Just like audio calls, Whatsapp doesn’t have a native feature to record video calls, but you can use alternative video recording methods.

Many Android phones have a built-in screen recording feature with which you can record Whatsapp video calls too. However, you can’t download audio with this feature on some phones even if you play with the audio settings. Installing an app eases the process of recording video calls with audio from both sides.

Using AZ Video Record

  • Install AZ Video Recorder From Google Play Store.
  • Allow display over other apps. Also, permit storage access and turn on the audio recording before making a video call.
  • When you launch the app, you will see an icon and four options pop up on the screen. The options are for accessing the recording library, customizing settings, choosing a live platform, and starting the screen recording.
  • This small widget can be moved anywhere on the screen.
  • You can pause or stop the video by touching the icon again.
  • You can also select output video quality from the settings.

 Final Words!

These are a few methods with which you record Whatsapp calls. But don’t use it for unlawful matters or to expose other people’s privacy, else it may be punishable by law, depending on the state laws where you reside.

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