How to Show Whatsapp Images in Phone Gallery

Whatsapp pictures not downloading in the mobile gallery? Don’t worry, follow this guide to show whatsapp images in phone gallery.

By default, WhatsApp downloads and saves all the images in the photo gallery even if the chat containing the WhatsApp messages is deleted. If your phone gallery doesn’t show the WhatsApp images or media you received, it is usually a settings glitch. It can also happen due to cellular connectivity, caches, defective SD card, or checking in the wrong folder. The problem can be easily solved by using the methods below.

How to Show Whatsapp Images in Phone Gallery

Below is a simple procedure you can download whatsapp videos and images in the phone gallery and can access them easily anytime.

Enable Media Visibility

Whatsapp introduced this feature to give the users full control if they want the media shared on WhatsApp to be saved in the gallery or not. If your media isn’t showing in the gallery, it may be because your “media visibility” settings are turned off. To check and turn it back on, follow these steps.

  • Launch WhatsApp
  • In the upper right corner, you will see three vertical dots; tap on those dots.
  • Go to settings and select chats from there.
  • Under “chat settings,” you will find the option “Media Visibility.”
  • Turn it on.

Any image you download from WhatsApp should now be visible in your mobile’s gallery.

Enable “Media Visibility” for a Specific Chat or Group

What if the setting was already turned on and the media was still not saved in the gallery?

It might be possible that the images you are looking for is not saved because that particular chat had the individual “media visibility” turned off. To check that:

  • Open the chat of the person whose media or images you want to save.
  • Tap on that person’s name, you will see multiple options.
  • Check if the “media visibility” option is turned on or not.

If you don’t want to save images from a specific person or group, you can turn off the media visibility option too.

Whatsapp Download Preferences

If you are unable to see the media in the gallery, the reason might be that your download preferences are set to Wi-Fi, and you are on cellular data. Download preferences option lets you decide what kind of media will be downloaded for cellular and Wi-Fi network connections.

To change this setting on Android and iOS, follow these steps:

  • Launch WhatsApp
  • Go to settings by tapping on the three dots.
  • Select Storage and data
  • Under Media auto-download, you will see options for mobile data, Wi-Fi, and roaming.
  • Choose what kind of data you want to be auto-downloaded for each option.

Restart the Phone

Sometimes a simple restart restores any malfunction or glitch, causing Whatsapp to behave erratically. If you recently downloaded WhatsApp media is not appearing in the image gallery folder, try restarting the phone and checking the gallery again. Downloaded media would show up by the simple and no-brainer step.

Delete the .NoMedia File

If none of the above methods work, give a try to another simple hack. This hack includes deleting the .nomedia file. The .nomedia file works as the no index file for the folder in which it resides. For example, if your WhatsApp has a .nomedia file, it will ask other apps such as Gallery or Videos to not to scan the folder for media files. Gallery and Video apps won’t be able to track the files from the folder and will not save them. So, we will delete the .nomedia file manually to save the images in the gallery again.

  • Open the file explorer app on your mobile.
  • Before moving forward, enable the show hidden files by tapping on the Settings and turning on the “show hidden files” option.
  • The next step is, go to the WhatsApp folder.
  • Select media >whatsapp images and delete the .nomedia file.
  • Repeat the procedure for “Sent” and “private folders.”

Move the Images From the “Private Folder.”

When you enable the “media visibility” option, a folder named” private folder” is created, and any image that goes in that folder remains hidden. Follow these simple steps to move the images out of the private folder.

  • Launch File Explorer.
  • Go to the Whatsapp folder and tap on Media.
  • Click on Whatsapp images >private folder.
  • Select all the images from there and cut them.
  • Paste in the general WhatsApp images folder.
  • Repeat the step for videos and move it to the WhatsApp video folder.
  • All the images should now be visible.

Check For Mobile’s Storage

When your mobile storage gets low, it can’t download further images or videos that are being shared on WhatsApp. So, check the storage from the mobile’s settings and delete unwanted images, videos, or apps from the mobile to free up some space.

Check SD card

A defective SD card also doesn’t let you download the WhatsApp images. So, it’s better to check the SD card too. The read-only mode also prevents data from being stored on an SD card.

Clear Whatsapp Cache

Deleting caches can also resolve the issue of images not being saved in Android’s gallery.

  • Go to the mobile’s settings.
  • Select “Apps.’ Under the list of apps, choose Whatsapp.
  • In the “App Info” window, you will see three options: Force stop, uninstall, clear data
  • Tap on Clear data, and select the option “clear cache.”
  • Don’t select clear all data, else all media files and everything else will be deleted.

Check Storage Permission

There is less chance that you have not given the app permission to store any data on the mobile. But you might have accidentally tapped on it. You can verify it in a few easy steps.

  • Go to setting and tap on privacy
  • Select Permission manager.
  • Choose storage from the options given.
  • It will show you the names of all the apps and their “permission status for storage.”
  • Tap on WhatsApp, and click “Allow” if the green tick is on the “Deny” option.
  • It will allow the app to store the data and images on the device.

Check your Mobile’s Time Zone

If the timezone on your mobile is not set correctly and doesn’t match your real location, WhatsApp storage can get glitches. It also happens when you are traveling and the mobile time doesn’t update automatically. In that case, manually change the time or prompt it to update automatically.

Update Whatsapp Application

If nothing else works, verify that your WhatsApp is updated and no further updates are pending. It will clear bugs or glitches in the application, causing the error and resulting in the non-storage of media files in the mobile’s gallery.

Final Words!

The above solutions are enough to fix your issue. However, if it’s still not resolved, you can manually save the images by sharing them with your cloud account or email. The last thing is to uninstall and reinstall the app to make the images appear in your gallery section.

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