How to Use Fitbit Android Smart Watch?

Most probably, you have heard about Fitbit fitness trackers. These smartwatches gained popularity very quickly as compared to Apple and Samsung smart watches.

Since the rise of covid-19, more people are getting into the squad of fitness freaks and getting a Fitbit fitness tracker for tracking their steps, evaluation of burned calories and to use as a counterpart of their smartphones.

The people who are not that savvy may feel hesitant to buy this android smartwatch. But the thing is if you simply have a smartphone, a PC, or a tablet with Bluetooth connection then using a Fitbit android smartwatch is a really easy thing. All you need is to set it up which means to sync it.

So here is how you can sync your Fitbit android smartwatch and use it. You may also like to learn how to run TikTok on Google and Android TVs.

How to Use Fitbit Android Smart Watch

Syncing – What is it?

Your android Fitbit smartwatch comes with sensors that collects information like your sleeping patterns, heart rate, burned calories and a lot more.

For the usage of this data, you need to sync the smartwatch to your smart devices like tablet, smartwatch or computer. This will help you load the data into your Fitbit dashboard.

You can find your Fitbit dashboard in the Fitbit application that is installed on your mobile. The dashboard enables you to track your progress and compare it to previous past days or weeks.

In fact, the dashboard also shows you how well and how much you sleep every night, how you meet your exercise goals and also it allows you to share information with your friends and begin social health challenges.

How to Sync Your Fitbit Smart Watch?

For your data syncing, Fitbit needs Bluetooth technology for its smartwatch and tracker. Bluetooth is simply a short-range wireless connection that enables you transferring information in between the electronic devices.

As you sync your Fitbit with a device, all the collected information gets automatically transferred to your Fitbit dashboard.

The app of Fitbit gets easily connected to your android and iOS and even Windows 10 computers. Make use of the Fitbit connect if you have a PC with windows 8 or a MacBook.

Setting Up Your Device with the Fitbit App

For setting your device to the Fitbit app, download the application from Play store. After that, open and click on the Join Fitbit button.

Follow all the on-screen instructions that tell you how you can set up your account and pair with your corresponding smart device. Pair with any of your devices for your data syncing. Most people consider using their smartphones.

Setting Up Your Devices with Fitbit Connect

If you have a device without Bluetooth then Fitbit connect will help you. It is a free to use software that enables the Fitbit smartwatch to sync your data to the dashboard.

Without a Bluetooth enabled device, you need to consider using a wireless sync dongle for setting your Fitbit device. However, most of the Fitbit devices do not have a dongle so you can purchase that from Fitbit store.

As you get your dongle, simply insert it into the USB port of your computer. Open the Fitbit setup homepage and click onto the download button.

After the download of file, double click it for the initiation of installation, make sure to follow all the on-screen instruction for the creation of Fitbit account and pairing your device.

Data Syncing

As you are done with pairing your device with the Fitbit app, it will automatically sync data every time you will open the application. Also, you will see the feature of All-day sync which means that your device will periodically sync throughout the day.

If you make use of Fitbit Connect instead of the application then your device will sync after every 15 to 20 minutes if the dongle if plugged in and there is short distance in between the computer and device.

Manually Syncing Your Fitbit Smartwatch

For manual syncing of your device you need to open the Fitbit app and make sure that your device is in close proximity for the syncing to happen.

Search for the picture of your device on the application dashboard, touch it at the topside of the screen and pull it down.

On the app dashboard there is an account icon, click that. Now find out the title of your device and select it. You will see arrows near the Sync Now button, click those for automatic device syncing.

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Getting a Fitbit SmartWatch – Is It Worth It?

Yes, getting a Fitbit smartwatch or tracker is totally worth it if you are a fitness freak or want to achieve a fitness goal even if it’s on a shallow level. A Fitbit smart tracker helps you in a lot of ways keeping you updated about the things happening in your body. Here are some of the ways it helps you;

Motivates You in Different Ways

For sure a fitness tracker is a great way for improving your health because it motivates you in different ways. It always shows you visibly how many steps you have taken during the day.

Also, it allows you to join groups of other people with fitness goals to see how others are doing and how they can challenge you. With up to 10 friends you can join a fun weekly step challenge or do a weekend warrior to see who is on the top. These small things will keep you motivated for your every new step towards fitness and better health.

Makes You Feel Better

A tracker tracking every step of your fitness will make you feel better. This way you will know that you are taking steps and trying your best to achieve your fitness goal. The smartwatch on your hand will show you what you are doing and how you can be better.

Fun Workouts

As the tracker allows you to be social in a fitness world with fitness freaks then you get to know about several new and fun workouts that makes it easy for you to reach your fitness goal.

Support Groups

You can join several support groups that will boost your motivation level and spirit. There will be challenges that you can get in to make your journey fun and easy for you.

Final Words

So this article is all about the Fitbit android smart watch that you should get if you are a fitness enthusiast. This will help you in a lot of ways reaching your goal. Moreover, if you have a watch then this guide will help you set it up and use it for best possible results.

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