Z Shadow My Victims Tab For Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

Z Shadow is one of the most popular tools that most youngsters use to get the username and password of any person. It can be your friend, girlfriend, colleague, or anyone else. Z Shadow my victims is a very important tab on the website because it contains all the details of ID and passwords that you have hacked using the Z Shadow hacker tool. This tool is commonly used to hack a Facebook account or Instagram ID. Its extremely easy usage doesn’t require any hard coding or technical knowledge to perform the job. Any person with a basic knowledge of web surfing can use it easily.

If you want to learn more about the My Victims option on the Z Shadow website, read the section below. Here on this page, we are going to explain everything you need to learn about it. So sit tight!


Z Shadow My Victims Tab For Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

On the official website of Z Shadow you will find multiple tabs on the homepage and below are the names of all of them:

  • Home
  • Short Your Link
  • My Victims
  • Sign Up
  • Facebook

The first thing that every person does after visiting the Z Shadow US home page is to register for a new account because without this you won’t be able to go further. Use a valid e-mail ID to sign up for a new Z-Shadow account. Don’t use fake email accounts because you need to verify them as well.

Once the registration process is completed, next you need to copy a specially designed phishing link for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Gmail, etc. given on the website and share it with the person whose account you want to hack. One of the best ways to do this is to share the link through email. You can write a luring message and insert the link in it.


When the person will click the link in the email he/she will be taken to the Facebook login page and when the person will enter his/her login credentials, the account will get hacked. On the hacking of a Facebook or Instagram account, the login and password details of the person will be stored in the MY VICTIMS tab.

Every time you want to access the hacked account simply log in Z Shadow hack and jump onto the My Victims tab that’s it! It can store unlimited accounts and passwords on Facebook and Instagram.

You can use this service free of cost but never use it to harm or harass people because it can land you in jail. Hacking is a criminal offense and strictly prohibited, you can do it for fun but not for harming anyone.

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